Chameleon Days by K.L. Loveley

Be seen, not heard,” is what her Mother said. However, for this poet, her Mother’s words fell on deaf ears. K.L. Loveley is a woman unleashed and her words will be heard. Love, romance, pleasure, desire, loss, betrayal, anger, and pain. K.L. Loveley explores her changing and sometimes camouflaged emotions within her debut poetry collection.

What people are saying about Chameleon Days

A delight to read, heartwarming prose,” says Marilyn Anne Guthrie

Poignant and beautifully illustrated,” says David Brookes

Enchanting and passionate poetry which is beautifully accentuated by equally moving artwork,” says Rachael

The author has managed to hook the reader into wanting more and more after each poem. A beautifully heartfelt read,” says Pat.P

 I enjoyed the philosophical aspect of the poems and the way K.L.Loveley used imagery, particularly in the poem ‘Infection’ where she describes her emotions by using microbiology to identify with her feelings,” says Claire.

I liked the unusual use of imagery from the natural and scientific world to draw the reader into the heart of both the poet and the illustrator,” says Olivia

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