Red Letter Day: My novel is published

Publication date Alice by K.L LoveleyMy ‘red letter day’ has arrived, Tuesday January 31st, the official publication date of my debut novel ‘Alice’. This is an extremely significant day for me and I will enjoy every moment.

My love of writing began with a gift of a five year lock up diary at age seven, and I have never stopped writing since. I have spent a lifetime making notes in my journals, composing poetry and more recently writing novels. My journey from writer to author has been enjoyable and it has now reached a significant milestone – the official release of my first published novel!

Whilst this event will not be historically important to others, this is and always will be a special day for me and my family. So, let us celebrate together my friends, life is full of joyous moments.

My debut novel ‘Alice’ is now available to purchase at:

Amazon and Waterstones and other leading book stores!



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