Photoperiodism – long nights, short days

“Photoperiodism refers to the physiological reactions of organisms to the length of day or night.”

book heartWell I can certainly relate to that. These short days and long nights which we always experience at this time of year in the Northern hemisphere are very conducive to my favourite pastime of reading (my physiological reaction).

Of course one of the dilemmas of our modern day society is in what format should I choose to read tonight? Perhaps an E-book with the ability to change the font and/or the light. Or maybe a paperback which is light and just the right size and weight to hold comfortably while sitting in the lotus position. Then again, I could go for a hardback book, sturdy and strong with a classic feel.

However, for now I may just read the Sunday newspaper, after all, its going to be a long night in the northern hemisphere.

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