Snowflakes – perfection and purity

This morning, as I sat at my kitchen table, I suddenly catch a glimpse of a gentle movement through the corner of my eye. Sure enough, there it goes again.

My attention is caught. Turning myself to get a full view of whatever has caught my eye, I gaze out at my garden that is just beginning to show that spring is on its way. As though I am witnessing an act of magic, I stare at the tiny white snowflakes as they fall gently from the clouds. I marvel at how such a tiny snowflake, has given me a simple but joyous feeling.


It occurs to me, that if the snow was green or maybe red, would the emotional response be the same? I ponder on this for a while, then come to the conclusion that it is the perfect purity of the colour white, that has evoked my joy.  The colour white, speaks to me of gentleness, purity, brides and new born babies.

“All things bright and beautiful.”

Of course, there is beauty to be seen in all of the colours of nature. However, for now, I celebrate the colour white.

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