5 Mothering Sunday (Mother’s Day) Facts

Happy Mothering Sunday (Mother’s Day) to each and every mother, no matter how young or old.

5 Mothering Sunday (Mother’s Day) Facts

(1) Mothering Sunday is a Christian celebration to celebrate ‘Mother Mary’. However, some historians believe it may go even further back to Roman times, when they celebrated the Mother Goddess, Cybele.

(2) In the UK, Mothering Sunday is always on the fourth Sunday of Lent, exactly three weeks before Easter Sunday.

(3) Mothering Sunday in the UK is not the same as the USA’s Mother’s Day, which always falls on the second Sunday of May and is a secular celebration founded by the American Social Activist Anna Jarvis.

mothering sunday constance smith(4) Mothering Sunday was revived in the 20th century by Constance Adelaide Smith who worked at a hospital in Nottingham. She read an article about Anna Jarvis’s American Mother’s Day, and in conjunction with her friend Ellen, she set up a headquarters at 15 Regent Street, Nottingham and made greeting cards for children to give to their mum’s. She wrote articles, plays and a book to campaign for Great Britain to recognise Mothering Sunday. It is thanks to her tenacity that Mothering Sunday is celebrated today.

(5) In the UK, staff from the ‘Big Houses’ were historically given the day off to visit their mother’s church. Fortunately, most people were not so geographically mobile before the twentieth century. Imagine how the roads and the transport system would cope today, with a mass exodus of women, heading towards their mothers’ church.

Being a mother…

Speaking from my own experience I can say that being a mother is extremely hard work, especially in the early years, however, each age brings new challenges.

No matter how hard the work is, when raising a family I guess that most mothers would agree with me, when I say that for every ounce of pain the joy is trebled and what can be more special than a child, no matter how old they are saying “I love you”.

So to all of you amazing women, from one mother to another I wish you a very happy Mothering Sunday (Mother’s Day) 2017.

Mothering Sunday - kl loveley
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