Book review: The Dennis Bisskit Adventures

I recently read The Dennis Bisskit Adventures written by Stephen Ainley and published by Austin Macauley.

I truly enjoyed this delightful, well-written book. The character of Dennis came alive to me, from boy to man and had me chuckling from the beginning to the end. Stephen Ainley has developed a range of believable characters and a storyline that encouraged me to continue reading. I could not put this down.

Stinky Blackshaw reminded me of a comic book character along with the other young wolf cubs. I particularly enjoyed the poignant way that Stephen Ainley weaved in the story of Granddad and his journey to say farewell to his old comrade Persy Dorsey, from the Royal Warwickshire Regiment.

This is a highly amusing, intelligent and heart warming read which I highly recommend.

Dennis Bisskit Adventures book review

About the author Stephen Ainley

Stephen Ainley was born in Birmingham U.K. in 1952. He served in the British Airborne in the 1970s before emigrating to Australia. He has written short stories and articles for many years but this is his first novel. He resides in Western Australia with wife Jane and Irish terrier O’Malley.

The Dennis Bisskit Adventures

The book is available to purchase at Amazon and all other leading bookstores.