Which books should I take on holiday?

Decisions, decisions. I recently suffered from a familiar problem, one which I feel sure many avid readers like myself, suffer from. You may well ask? What do most readers have in common?

Cyprus - reading booksLet me put you out of your misery my friends, it was the nagging thought tumbling through my over imaginative mind as to which of my many paperback books I should pack for my holiday on the amazing Island of Cyprus. Are you thinking, has this woman never heard of E-books?

Well, yes I have and while I’m sat cramped up on the aeroplane, with my knees practically touching my chest  and my husband’s elbows sticking me in my ribs every time he attempts to move his manly frame. I am so glad that I have my kindle with me, which only needs a gentle touch of the finger to change pages.

I have two new reads on my kindle, one for the outward bound journey and the other for my inbound journey. These are as follows: ‘Accidental Damage ‘written by Alice May and The Dennis Bisskit Adventures written by Stephen Ainley. Both of these are debut novels. Since the publication of my own debut novel ‘Alice’ I have taken a keen interest in other aspiring authors and I can confidently report that I have not been disappointed.

Did I mention that my husband can on occasion be a knight in shining armour, well on this occasion he really stepped up to the mark when with well-chosen words he said. “Isn’t it fortunate that the hotel has a good library of books for the guests, I expect there will be plenty to keep you happy my beloved?” With a shrug of his shoulders and a satirical smile on his face he solved my dilemma in an instant.

Oh, just in case you are wondering. Yes we had a fantastic holiday in Paphos or Pafos as it appears on the road signs. We stayed at the ‘Louis Ledra Beach hotel,’ (our third stay) the food was amazing the hotel immaculate and the staff friendly. It was a well-earned rest for both of us and I was not disappointed with the selection of books in the hotel library. In actual fact, it gave me the opportunity to read some new authors and different genres, so all in all a very successful outcome.


How do other book worms like me, decide which paperbacks to take on holiday.

Answers on a postcard please or maybe contact me via the website.

Happy Holidays!