Film review: Going in Style

Following a glorious sunny Sunday afternoon sitting in our garden which is incidentally alive with the colours of spring. My husband and I decided to complete our day’s reverie with a visit to the cinema.

Going in Style film reviewEarlier in the day I had noticed an advertisement in the supplement about this week’s essential viewing and sure enough the names of Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman caught my eye. Having seen and enjoyed many of their previous films, we knew that we were in for a treat. We were not disappointed, as they teamed up with Alan Arkin in the film production of Going in Style, directed by Zach Braff.

The film put me in mind of Last Vegas, the bucket list and a number of other films that portray adorable senior citizens who have reached a point in their lives when they are reflecting on their limitations. The three elderly gentlemen all used to work for the same steel company, but in a twist of fate their company is taken over and the pension fund raided to pay off the company creditors, leaving them with very little income other than their state payments.

Having been caught in the crossfire of a real bank raid, Joe (Michael Caine) decides to encourage his mates to join him on a bank raid of their own. Just to collect the pension that is owed to them of course.

‘Going in Style’ was well cast and as expected from three Oscar winning actors, was very well acted. At times it was a little emotional but certainly not over the top. The plot was interesting and at times amusing to the point of myself laughing out loud at some of the capers the trio got involved with.

A likable easy film to watch for some light entertainment.

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