Alice Blog Tour ~ Day 3 & 4 ~ Roundup

Blog Tour Day 3: Wednesday 19th

Thank you to The Stationery Geekette and  Bliss She Wrote for hosting me on day 3 of the blog tour.

Alice Book Excerpt

The Stationery Geekette  featured an excerpt from my novel, including this sentence:

It was one of the many bones of contention building up and festering inside Alice, eating away, waiting to erupt any day now.

Book Review

Bliss She Wrote provided an honest constructive review of my novel.

First of all, kudos to K.L. Loveley for writing this book, it’s on a bit of a hard topic

Day 4: Thursday 20th April

Alice book excerpt

Thank you to Kristin’s Novel Café for hosting me on day 4 of the blog tour and for featuring an excerpt from my novel Alice, including the paragraph below

That night as she tossed and turned in bed; all she could think about was the pain of betrayal which was striking deep into her heart like a physical blow. She tried to close her eyes, but sleep eluded her. A million thoughts turned around and round in her head, a mix of emotions tumbled around in the pit of her stomach, anger, pain and abandonment

Cats and Contours will be hosting me on day 6 of the Alice blog tour, which has been organised by Emma Mitchell FPR.

Alice by K.L loveley

‘Alice’ is available from: Amazon, Waterstones and other leading book stores!