Alice Blog Tour ~ Day 6, 7 & 8 ~ Roundup

Blog tour day 6: Saturday 22nd April

Thank you to Sarah Hardy for hosting me on her blog ‘By the Letter Book Reviews’ on day 6 of the Alice blog tour.

Character Spotlight – Sally

My character Sally was highlighted on ‘By the Letter Book Reviews’ blog, including the following introduction:

I would like to introduce Sally as my character in the spotlight. Sally is entirely a new fictional character. Sally was a single mum, who sadly lost her only son Zak, under tragic circumstances. We first meet Sally when she kindly agrees to let Alice rent out her canal boat while she is working on an assignment in the Netherlands. Sally works as a Social worker.  However fate returns Sally sooner than expected and this turn of events helps to save Alice from possible death. Their friendship, takes them on a journey of recovery and a new future for Alice.

Blog tour day 7: Sunday 23rd April

Thank you to Kerry Parsons of ‘Chat About Books’ blog who hosted me on day 7 of the blog tour.

Kerry featured extract 3 from my novel Alice so please make sure you read extracts 1 & 2 over at Bookalicious Travel Addict & Kristin’s Novel Café first.

The extract includes this quote:

Despite the battering her trust had taken, Alice never lost faith in the idea of love. She had considered herself to be happily married once, and she was not disillusioned with men; just the one that had mattered to her.

Blog tour day 8: Monday 24th April

Thank you very much to Aileen of ‘Feminisia Libros Review’ blog for reading and reviewing my novel Alice.

Here is what she says:

The author portrays Alice’s alcoholism realistically, and her character was easy to empathise with.  It is no surprise after what she was went through that she finally snaps.  The book is quite dark and dramatic in parts as it travels to the deepest parts of Alice’s mind, however it is still readable, and I found it hard to put the book down.

Aileen, ‘Feminisia Libros Review’

Blog Tour – Next hosts

‘My Reading Corner’ and Novel Deelights are both kindly hosting me on day 9 of the Alice blog tour, which has been organised by Emma Mitchell FPR.