Sailing the seas aboard the ‘Queen Victoria’

My husband and I are regular cruisers, having sailed on a number of large ships around the Mediterranean, Atlantic and the Baltic Sea. Not forgetting our inland waterway adventures on our slightly smaller vessel. ‘Speckled Hen’.

We have now returned from our recent trip aboard the Queen Victoria, our first voyage with Cunard. This was a short cruise over to Amsterdam where we enjoyed an extended stay, due to poor weather conditions which kept us in dock. Actually, I was quite relieved not to be sailing in the rough sea, for despite the many times I have sailed, my sea legs are prone to get a little wobbly at times and my stomach somewhat delicate.

Queen Victoria cruise ship

While aboard, we met many interesting people, from a variety of backgrounds which enriched our stay aboard ‘Queen Victoria.’ As a gesture of good will, I left a signed copy of my Debut novel ‘Alice’ dedicated to the staff and crew. This is now in the Library and hopefully will be travelling around the world.

Queen Victoria library

When we docked at Southampton, we travelled over to Dover to spend a few days with our very good friends John and Sandy, whom we met on a holiday a few years previous. Knowing that we were confined to dock in Amsterdam instead of travelling to the designated port of Zeebrugge and our intended trip to Bruges. They booked a ferry the following day and off we went again, this time over the channel on ‘The Pride of Kent’ car ferry.  Off we travelled to the amazing city of Bruges with its picturesque medieval architecture, pretty streets and canals. You’ve guessed it. Yes! Once again we were on the water, this time on a tourist canal boats enjoying the city from a different perspective. 

It occurs to me that my husband and I were both born under the right sign of the Zodiac. We are Pisces and Cancer both water signs. How great is that.

I do hope that you are all enjoying the end of spring. Official summer begins on June 21st, I wish for you all to have an amazing summer. Don’t forget the sun protection.