Boats, sunshine and a beautiful wedding

Special occasions are always memorable. Some are unforgettable. On Saturday June 17th my husband and I were invited to our very first boat wedding. Yes, my friends, you read that correctly. The register office wedding had been conducted the previous day. As you are aware from my previous blog posts, we have a canal boat that is moored up at an amazing Marina in Derbyshire. ‘Mercia Marina’

On the day in question, two of our friends who are moored on the same pontoon as ourselves made an amazing commitment to each other underneath a flower covered harbour on the back of their lovely boat. Their boat, along with many others, sailed on a short journey out of the Marina towards the village of Willington and moored beside a wooded area, known affectionately as ‘ Dingley Dell’.

The Humanistic ceremony was the most touching wedding ceremony I have ever witnessed. The lady who conducted the ceremony did so with great professionalism while at the same time portrayed the symbolism of marriage in a most profound way. The bride and groom had written their own vows, each with their own unique characters embedded in the meaning.

Wedding on a canal boat

Surrounded by Family and friends, the bride and groom enjoyed a wedding ceremony and celebrations that reflected their love for each other in a beautiful and touching way.

The celebrations went on well into the night, as we were sat in the Dell under the shade of the trees. A marquee was set up in a small clearing, where Live Music was performed by a local band. ‘Moore and Moore Beer’ the pub and party band played throughout the night  The bride, a member of the ukulele group on the Marina, played a set of tunes along with other group members. In addition, her daughter and partner along with other guests played and sang music throughout the evening. A disco was played between sets, making for an evening filled with entertainment.

Wedding band

My husband with his wry sense humour claimed that he felt like Robin Hood in the forest enjoying a medieval banquet. I agree, as we were sat amongst the trees, swathed in white bunting and fairy lights, there was a feeling of magic in the air. I felt truly at one with nature.

I wish my friends Carol and Keith a long and happy life together, full of joy. May all of their dreams come true as they sail along the British waterways together?