Home is where the heart is.


Over the weekend along with my very good friend Janet, I travelled to the North Yorkshire coastal town of Filey. This is historically a fishing village, situated between Bridlington and Scarborough.  The purpose of our visit was to meet with another friend of ours, Susan. The three of us first met at the age of five, in the infant’s school and have a great shared history of our teenage years. Something that we can spend hours reminiscing over and returning to the joy of those memories. During the years of raising young children, we met infrequently. We have since made up for it, by organising days out together in Nottingham, to catch up over lunch and a spot of retail therapy.

However, Sue moved to Filey a few years ago, and although she still returns to her home town to visit her family, we thought it would be nice to make a special effort to meet our friend in her chosen place of retirement.

This made me think about all of the possible places, one could choose to live out retirement. Without a doubt, coastal areas are a popular location for the autumn years of life, all that bracing sea air and coastal walks. Alternatively, the countryside is also a popular location for a quiet peaceful life. It is indeed a brave plan to move away from your familiar surroundings as old age is around the corner. Of course, sometimes, when your family are living apart from you, a move from your area of long term residence to be nearer loved ones can be a great advantage.

There has been a surge in retirement properties over the last decade. No doubt to correspond with the baby boomers of my generation. This, of course, is becoming another potential choice in terms of living out your retirement.

So, here I am in my home office, currently surrounded by many books and research articles in preparation for my next novel. The familiar view from my window gets better every year, as I plant more and more perennials in the borders.This house is like a huge comfort blanket wrapped around me, creating a warm feeling in my heart. Yes. Home is where the heart is and for now and hopefully for many years to come. My heart is here in this place I call home.