Visiting the ancestors.

Having recently joined ‘The National Trust’ my husband and I decided to pop along and visit the relatives at Hardwick Hall. Well ! maybe that’s stretching things a bit too far. There is every possibility that one of our ancestors may have lived there, but most likely in the servant’s quarters.

Situated at Doe Lea in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, England, the Hardwick Estate is made up of stunning houses and beautiful landscapes. Bess of Hardwick commissioned the building of Hardwick Hall in the late sixteenth century. The first feature of the hall that caught my eye, was the huge windows of which there are many. The architect Robert Smythson designed the hall to allow maximum light and amazing views over the surrounding countryside. It is very much in the Elizabethan style of its time.  There was so much history to absorb about the first and last ladies of Hardwick. I would say that it is all about the women at Hardwick and from what I can understand, they were all formidable ladies.

We had a most enjoyable day, exploring the Halls and the gardens. Our ancestors below stairs would be happy to know that we had paid them a visit albeit more than four centuries too late.