Glorious Autumn.

Autumn is upon us with all of its glory and as I look out through my conservatory window, I truly appreciate all that my precious life offers.  Is there any wonder that poets feel compelled to write about the beauty of this glorious season.

William Blake in his poem ‘To Autumn’ and Robert Louis Stevenson, ‘Autumn Fires’ both capture the essence of autumn in a profound way.

In my soon to be published book of poems ‘Chameleon Days’ I have written my own poem ‘Autumn Antics’ a light hearted poem that captures the fun to be had in this glorious season.  The Globeflower Agency plans to make this available as a pre-order November 15th. A nice Christmas gift for lovers of poetry.

As we approach the final weeks of September let’s seize and enjoy the beauty of our herbaceous borders while they are still in their late flush.

To welcome autumn into our home I have arranged a few of our gorgeous blooms and berries.As you can see, flower arranging is a skill that I need to work on, however, as I am in the Autumn years of my life, ( what a wonderful saying) maybe this is something I can work on when I have an evening or two to spare.