Fun at Foxton Locks.

Finally, Michael and I have done our first extended sail on ‘Speckled Hen’ our canal boat or otherwise known by myself as our ‘cottage on the water’.  You are probably wondering what this woman is talking about. ‘Extended sail’? I refer to the fact that normally if we take the boat out for a week, basically it is 3.5 days sailing in one direction, then the return journey of 3.5 days back to our beautiful moorings at ‘Mercia Marina in Willington.

I regress. Having completed my second novel, Love, Secrets and Absolution. We decided the time was right to spend three weeks away from home. A special time together, before the winter draws near.

My publisher ‘The Globeflower Agency’ continues with the task of marketing my book and doing a tremendous job. Thereby, giving me the opportunity to once again head for the keyboards of my laptop computer and write a future novel. As I have mentioned in previous posts, I use the tranquillity of our boat, to concentrate on my writing.   So here we are at the top of Foxton locks ready to take the boat down two staircases of five chambers. The magnificent volunteer lock keepers are ready to assist my husband to open and close every gate as I drive the boat down the steep incline of the countryside. It is an amazing sight to see and attracts many visitors, young and old. The youngsters, in particular, are fascinated to see how the locks are manually operated and are delighted to help push open the heavy lock gates.

Along our journey, the evidence of autumn being well and truly established was all around us. The roof of our boat covered in a multitude of leaves of all shades from green, red, yellow and russet. Along the route, we are privileged to see back gardens as they slope towards the canal. It is true that an Englishman’s home is his castle, for we have seen many beautiful gardens.

I am surprised to see lots of apple trees, the boughs bending full of fruit. Fruit that is falling to the ground to go rotten. Actually, it saddens me think of the waste and how many hungry people would be glad of the richness of this fruit. It reminds me of a poem I wrote, due to be published in my collection of poems. ‘Chameleon days’ also published by ‘The Globeflower Agency’ and available on Amazon, as is Love, secrets and absolution’.

Both books available on Amazon.