Murder on the Orient Express.

How could my husband and I, possibly miss going to the cinema to watch the much-acclaimed film Murder on the Orient Express? The screenplay was written by Michael Green and directed by Kenneth Branagh.

As you have probably gathered by now, having posted previous film reviews to my Blog, we enjoy a night out at the cinema together. Surprisingly, my husband took no persuading, despite the fact that he is not a fan of the ‘whodunit’ productions.

Truth be known, I have never read an Agatha Christie book. Admittedly, I have watched her work dramatized on TV and film and always feel that I am somehow mixed up in a game of Cluedo. That said, she does create interesting characters, even though Hercule Poirot has a ridiculous moustache.

This famous detective, played by Kenneth Branagh, describes himself as ‘probably the greatest detective in the world’. He was sporting the most absurd upward and curled moustache in this 2017 production and I had an overwhelming urge to snip the ends off.

That said, this all-star production about a murder that takes place in the first-class compartment of the Orient Express, on its journey through Europe is fascinating. It boasts a large number of well-known stars including,  Dame Judi Dench, Josh Gad, Daisy Ridley, Derek Jacobi, Penelope Cruz, Willem Dafoe, Olivia Coleman, and others.

Due to the many characters involved, all of which had small parts to play (with the exception of Hercule Poirot) there was very little dialogue going on. I recommend that you pay close attention or you may miss the clues. I was impressed with Michelle Pfeiffer, who played Mrs Hubbard, she was well cast for the role. Although Johnny Depp as Rachett gave a convincing performance, his role was short lived.

The plot was full of intrigue, with everyone suspecting each other, consequently, they had the strangest of expressions on their faces as they all acted innocently. ‘What me, no I was in the library with Colonel Mustard’.

I recommend that you watch this film and try to search for the clues, somewhat like the detective in the TV drama Death in Paradise starring Kris Marshal as D.I. Humphries.