Pure unadulterated happiness


Today after the many months of typing away at my laptop and researching on the internet, I finally have my second novel Love, Secrets, and Absolution in my hands.

As you can see, from the huge grin on my face, this was a moment worth waiting for. Let’s face it, life is a gift to be enjoyed and every now and again, we are rewarded with the most wonderful and fulfilling feeling of pure happiness.

I have not reached this moment without the help of other people, therefore, I would like to offer a huge and heartfelt thanks to, Anna-Lisa, the founder of The Globeflower Agency Ltd, who has published my novel under their imprint Globeflower Books.

From the very beginning, she has believed in my writing and has worked tirelessly on developing the novel. If you are seeking a publisher, I highly recommend The Globeflower Agency.