The Blue Planet Two.

The Blue Planet Two.

Wow! I am utterly speechless after finally watching The Blue Planet two on catch up television. All I can say, is thank goodness for the catch-up technology that has enabled me to watch this amazing natural history production.

This is surely a wonderful example of the most extraordinary photography I have ever seen.

Four years in the making by the BBC, produced by James Honeyborne and narrated by the renowned naturalist, David Attenborough. This documentary provides a new understanding of life beneath the waves.

I watched in awe as a Sperm Whale mother and her young calf, head deep into the abyss to hunt. To see the young calf constantly touching its mother for reassurance as they go deeper and deeper was utterly compelling.

The filming techniques that made this and other shots possible is incredible. Observing these creatures in their natural environment was magical, reinforced by the clarity of the sound effects, it was literally mind-blowing.

Who would have thought that fish could use tools to help them break into a shell to release the food inside? The level of intelligence of some of the creatures was mesmerising in terms of the ways they have developed survival skills.

Thank you and well done to everyone involved in the production of this truly amazing documentary.