Thank you ladies.

Thank you ladies.

A good evening was had by all, when I joined the ladies of the recently formed Shirebrook Library Book Club on Friday November 24th.

Organised by Amy and hosted by Gwenda, the event was a huge success with much fun and light-hearted discussion in relation to my own personal journey from writer to published author.

My latest novel ‘Love, Secrets and Absolution’ we discussed in relation to, how I felt inspired to write a novel that incorporated an important aspect of our local history; the Miners’ strike. While at the same time, raising awareness of children’s mental health issues.

A number of interesting questions were raised, in relation to my own experience of the publication process. We discussed the value of honest book reviews, as this is the purpose of the book club meetings.

I pointed out, that sometimes an author takes a risk when developing an unusual concept within the story, such as I did when I introduced Alfie before he was born. I explained that I felt, it was a risk worth taking, in order for the reader, to understand the nature/nurture debate between Alfie’s parents.

The evening ended with book signings and a plan to return next year, when my collection of Poems, ‘Chameleon Days’ is due to be published by ‘The Globeflower Agency’.