Snow is falling, all around us.

Snow is falling, all around us.

I desperately tried, to contain my inner child today, as the first snowflakes fell. This seasonal event occurred as my husband and I walked around the lakes of Rufford Park wrapped up warmly in our scoats. Yes my friends. Scoats, as in coats and scarves. Just having a little fun here, with the English language. Forgive me if I have offended anyone, but I couldn’t resist.

As we walked around the lake, a huge flock of Canadian Geese landed majestically on the water. A grand sight to behold on a winter’s day. The grey sky was foreboding, with the promise of more snow to come, prompting us to disappear inside the coffee shop. Despite our intention to have coffee, we did in fact enjoy a delicious hot chocolate drink.

Like, I said. The inner child emerged along with the silly language. Actually, as I write this, an image from my childhood has spontaneously popped into my over-active mind.
Does anyone of my generation, that is anyone born in the fifties; remember the scooter scarves?

I adored mine. It consisted of a bobble type hat, with a long scarf attached to it. Actually, the hat resembled a woolly helmet of sorts. I guess, that is why it was called a scooter scarf. Perhaps this was a local colloquialism. Either way, they were very popular winter apparel amongst my group of friends.

Tomorrow morning, I am looking forward to watching the weather on ‘East Midlands today’ in the hope that the lovely, Charlie Slater or Des Coleman will be giving us the local forecast. Whatever, the weather, they deliver the forecast with panache and a twinkle in their eyes.

Now where did I put my tweed flat cap?