My Reading Nook.



My practical and perfect Reading Nook.

Just thinking about writing this post, makes my toes curl up in anticipation of the wonderful images about to play through my mind.

The pure joy, of creating the perfect reading space is happiness in its simplest form for me. Reading is an amazing way to unwind and relax. To lose oneself in another world, of fiction, or fantasy can help to dissolve away the stresses and strains that everyday life can bring.

To reinforce this experience, the perfect reading nook needs to be a personalised space that encompasses the reader’s own tastes.

For me, the perfect location is my conservatory. Picture this. A large Edwardian style conservatory, with a glass roof; providing the perfect natural light. The view overlooking the garden, a constant change of scenery throughout the four seasons of the year. The brick built- base, on two sides, houses low slung bookcases, filled to capacity. Along the third wall, a large, comfy, sofa covered in the softest of fabric. Large brightly coloured scatter cushions slung lazily on the sofa, and a huge faux fur blanket strewed over the back of the sofa. Perfect for those cooler days.

Lighting when needed on the darker evenings provided by an adjustable reading light close to the sofa.

The conservatory filled with a variety of green foliage plants, scented candles and brightly coloured rugs. To complete my perfect dream reading nook, I would require a large glass coffee table, where I can place my drinks, nibbles and spectacles.

As I enter a world that the fictional characters of the story transport me to, my Reading Nook, will provide a huge comfort blanket of happiness, wrapping around me, making me feel complete.