Post Codes.

  Cyprus - reading books

                                              Post Codes.

                                         Written by. K.L.Loveley



Out comes the address book.

All the old names.

A book full of memories.

I turn each crumbling page.

The corners curled, the ink stain faded.

Just like me, the old book is jaded.


From A to Z the book is filled,

With by-gone friends.

Most of them dead.

Each page, I turn, sadly reminisce.

My eyes fill with tears, they spill on the page.

My book of memories, from a by-gone age.


At this time of year.

When young families rejoice.

When carols are sung.

At the top of their voice.

When love and laughter, fill my home.

I can’t but help remember, my long-gone friends.


My mother, my father.

I held most dear.

Grandma and Grandad.

Uncles and Aunts.

I can remember them clearly.

Each and every one.


They all touched my life.

Bound in my DNA.

Their blood is my blood.

In my head, their memories will stay.

I turn each page, with sadness so deep.

Remembering the times, when I was unable to sleep.


The excitement of Christmas.

The parties, the fun.

With nephews and nieces.

Uncles and Aunts.

My brother and sisters, oh! How we would dance.

Singing, dancing, laughter and tears.

No care in the world, not aware of the fears.


My fears are now real.

When I cross out in red.

The names of family and friends.

Who are long gone and dead.