Words Matter.




Words matter.

I have long since recognised the importance of the spoken word and yet, find myself increasingly communicating through the media of the written word. It is an interesting fact; that since the introduction of electronic mail, messenger service and all related means of transferring spoken words into a written communication. The written word is growing in popularity.

Either way. Words matter. In fact, they matter so much, that we use them to commit ourselves first and foremost, to some of the most important events in our lives. A good example of this is the wedding vows. Yes, we also sign the register, but the spoken vows are the words that each Bride and Groom want to hear. The spoken word is committed to the air.

Unlike the editing that can take place with the written word. Once spoken, your words are out there. You cannot snatch them back, so it is important to think clearly, exactly what it is that you want to say. The responsibility is with the speaker. According to  Sun Tzu in his book, The Art of War, he says; If I tell them and they do not understand. I check myself twice, then I realise it is them.

My recent book, Love, Secrets and Absolution, explores the subject of Asperger’s.

Words matter a great deal to all of us. However, many Autistic People use words in a unique way. They sometimes speak through Echolalia. As one would expect, with the prefix of Echo. This behaviour involves repeat words and phrases.

Imitation is a pretty normal part of human development; we teach our babies and toddlers our own language, by repeated use of a word. However, those with autism may use it well past their toddler years and continue it into childhood, teenagehood and even as adults.

The recent television drama, ‘The A word’ demonstrated Echolalia in a sensitive and touching way.

I am hoping that this brilliant production, will help the general public to become more aware of Asperger’s and associated Echolalia.