Make your travel dreams come true, through the media of books.




The Little Paris Bookshop.

Written by Nina George.

I took this delightful book with me, to read while travelling around Central America with my husband. But let me tell you! Despite the beauty of the places I visited, I yearned to be travelling with the protagonist of the story, Jean Perdu; aboard the ‘Literary Apothecary.’ Such a wonderful name for Jean Perdu’s canal barge.

I was transported through the streets of Paris and into the Champagne regions of France. The rivers Seine and Rhone beckoned me to visit, such was the wonderful descriptions¬†¬†that the writer, ‘Nina George’ wove into this charming story.

This is an uplifting story of: love, loss and friendship. I was fascinated by the idea of a books content, helping to heal the tormented mind of a reader. Using books like medicine is a magical concept.
By giving a voice to Manon through the media of a diary, adds another dimension to this fascinating book.
The characters all came to life for me, each one unique and interesting.