The ADHD Foundation are calling for action from the government


The ADHD Foundation are calling for action from the government.


Victoria Derbyshire, an English journalist and broadcaster, today interviewed Dr Tony Lloyd on the BBC. Her live current affairs and debate programme discussed the call for action by the ADHD Foundation.

The charity says that there is a big economic impact in terms of ADHD going undiagnosed. An example was given, that some children with undiagnosed ADHD end up in Pupil Referral Units. The issues around early intervention are compounded by the fact, that these children cannot be officially diagnosed until the age of six.

Dr Tony Lloyd stated ‘nine out of ten exclusions at school are children with learning difficulties and other additional needs.’

These additional needs are explored in the story of Alfie, a young boy who is the protagonist in the book, Love, Secrets, and Absolution, available from Amazon and Waterstones.


‘People in the village gossip about Grace’s son Alfie. He is a lonely boy full of secrets, lies and obsessive thoughts.’


Love, Secrets, and Absolution - novel


Obsessive thoughts are one of the many issues that some children with ADHD suffer from.

OCD and ADHD Dual Diagnosis written by, Dr Amitai Abromovitch  a neuropsychologist and research fellow and Andrew Mittelman,a research coordinator; report that research suggests, one out of five children with OCD have co-occurring ADHD.

Seventy-five percent of all individuals diagnosed with ADHD are diagnosed with the impulsive hyperactive combined type.


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