Army of Grandparents Mobiliized


Army of Grandparents mobilized.


Up and down the country as schools and nurseries were closed. The army of Grandparents was mobilized to the front. While the Beast from the East enveloped most of the United Kingdom, Grandparents everywhere were being called to arms.

Blizzards, strong winds and drifting snow caused chaos, reinforced by the message from the Met Office as they issued a red warning – it’s most severe alert.

‘Your country needs you’ was the cry from frazzled parents as they attempted to make their way to work, fighting through the snow storms and icy conditions.

It is well documented that Grandparents provide immense support for their children and grandchildren alike. As the cost of child-care increases so does the need for struggling families to become dependent on their ageing parents.

Just because you don’t live next door doesn’t mean that you are exempt. Oh no. Armed with snow shovels and de-icer, grandparents pushed onwards to the front, ready to face any battle.

But does it end there? Once again. Oh no, my friend. Having found a way to push forward against the enemy of the force of nature, there are rules and regulations to be observed.

As your offspring wave a cheery goodbye and fight their way down the path that you have forged with your own snow shovel, they call out the final orders of the day.

‘I don’t suppose you could stay until the end of the week could you, only I’ve heard that storm Emma is on the way?’