Temporary loss of my writing retreat.


Our cottage on the water, otherwise known as our lovely Canal Boat, is to be out of action for the next six weeks, while the boat exterior is painted and generally spruced up. As regular readers of my blog posts will know, this is my special writing retreat, a place where I can let my imagination go into overdrive.

However, the good news is that I have now completed the first draft of my next novel Union Blues, which will also need to be spruced up, by way of editing and proofreading.

We have just returned home after sailing the boat to Kegworth for the said paint job; by way of Sawley on the River Trent.  We moored overnight close by Sawley Marina and much to my husband’s amazement and delight we discovered a wonderful bonus awaiting us.

I knew something good had occurred when my husband returned to the boat grinning after going out to check the river level in preparation for our onward travel.

‘ Guess where I have been?’  he said while trying to contain himself.

Knowing that he was pleased with himself about something, I tried to play it cool and replied.

‘To the next lock perhaps.’

‘Katie, there is a micro pub right next to the locks, it’s brilliant, do you fancy going tonight?’

So after our evening meal, we walked along the canal towpath to The Lockkeepers Rest.   It was originally the old Lock keepers cottage and belonged to the British Waterways. I must admit, it was the quaintest little micro pub I have had the pleasure of visiting.  The interior of this friendly pub is fascinating, especially if you are interested in the inland waterways. There is a good selection of  Real Ales and Ciders. If you enjoy this kind of place, then it is well worth a visit.

Adjoining the pub is a fabulous coffee shop with outdoor seating and a nice terrace, brilliant for families.

I guess when we return the boat back to our moorings at Mercia Marina in six weeks time, we will be once again visiting this quaint little watering hole.