The Little Breton Bistro. Book review.


I have very recently read this delightful book and given it a very well deserved five-star review. 

The Little Breton Bistro written by Nina George is an absolute delight to read. This is another five-star story, hot on the heels of ‘The Little Paris Bookshop.’  Once again Nina George introduced us to the delights of France. This time Brittany. However, the story begins in Paris, when Marianne Messmann, the wife of a German Officer, tries to escape from her controlling husband and from a marriage that she believes is loveless.

Her attempted suicide in the River Seine is unsuccessful when she is rescued by a passerby. And so begins a new chapter in her life. The prompt to her choice of destination is a painting of a beautiful port town on a tile, which she coverts and believes is some kind of subliminal message, calling her to her destiny. Marianne arrives at Kerdruc with nothing but her handbag and the clothes she wore.however, she very quickly befriends a host of interesting people who gather in a seaside bistro called ‘Ar Mor’.

The characters who Nina George has created are very well developed, allowing the story to come alive. Marianne begins to blossom around these people. Her true personality and talents begin to emerge. She becomes as though she is a woman unleashed, something that she struggles to accept. She is passionate, carefree and believed to be powerful by the superstitious local people.

Her husband reported her missing and when an image of Marianne appears on the French news channel, her world begins to tumble around her like a pack of cards.

This is a wonderful read and I have no hesitation in recommending this delightful book.