Inspire Poetry Festival 2018



I am very excited as I have just secured myself a ticket to see Jo Bell and Georgina Wilding, perform at the Poetry Café, Worksop Library in Nottinghamshire. This event that takes place on Wednesday, September 26th is going to be truly inspirational for me.

Jo Bell who features on the Nationwide TV adverts in the UK has captured my attention with her poem. The Currency of Kindness.

Born in Sheffield and growing up on the fringes of the Derbyshire Peak District means that Jo was raised not too far away from myself. Her witty, sexy and deft verse is refreshingly honest, succinct and contains social messages that draw attention to the plight of others.

Jo is a unique force in poetry and has won a number of awards. In 2015 she was awarded an honorary doctorate for services to poetry.


Georgina Wilding is a poet who I have been following since I read of her rise to fame as Nottingham city’s first Young Poet Laureate 2017/18. She has written and performed for both the radio and TV. There is an immediate presence within her performance as she uses her poetry to inspire young people with the powerful messages she promotes.

I am so looking forward to this event. There is even an opportunity for an open mic. Fingers crossed, wish me good luck as I would very much appreciate the opportunity to read one of my own poems from my soon to be available collection.

Chameleon Days published by The Globeflower Agency is my collection of poetry written over a span of twenty years.

Available soon from Amazon and other outlets.