Look out for the second series of ATYPICAL which is returning to our screens on Friday, September 7th.  Well done to NETFLIX for this must-see drama.

For those of you who have read and enjoyed my second novel Love, Secrets, and Absolution, this drama will resonate with the character of Alfie.

A number of my followers have expressed a connection with Alfie while some of the younger readers are a little in love with him.

ATYPICAL follows the story of Sam, played by Keir Gilchrist an eighteen-year-old who is on the autistic spectrum.

What does being normal mean? How does a normal person feel and behave and who is the judge and jury on what is accepted as normal? These questions are the subject matter at the heart of this amazing drama.

In this series, Sam continues with his emotional search for independence and love. I for one will be tuned in on Friday to watch this wonderful portrayal of a young man learning to find his place in a world full of individuals who are neurotypical, atypical or any number of types that society decides to describe.

Love, Secrets, And, Absolution is still available for purchase from Amazon.


Love, Secrets, and Absolution - novel