Enjoying the late autumn sunshine.



So here we are, once again sailing on our canal boat Speckled Hen down the Trent and Mersey on our way towards Nottingham city centre. Regular readers will be aware that our boat has been out of commission for most of the summer as a result of a total repaint of the exterior. The results of which are spectacular.

Making the most of the early September sunshine we are embracing the beginning of autumn in our own special way, enjoying the changing landscape as the leaves begin to turn into shades of red and gold.

With my third novel ‘Union Blues’ currently being edited, I have decided to try my hand at writing a few short stories, while aboard our cottage on the water. This is proving to be an interesting challenge for me but none – the less very enjoyable.

However, for those of you interested in fiction that contains elements of life on our wonderful British waterways, then I recommend that you read my very first novel. Alice’ which identifies with the healing and calming properties of our amazing canal system.

Alice is still available for purchase as a hardback, papeAlice by K.L Loveleyrback and e-book.