Congratulations Mr Norton.


Holding. Written by Graham Norton. Published by Hodder Books.



I am a huge fan of Graham Norton both on the television and the radio. Now I am also a fan of his new role as an author.
Holding is a wonderful debut novel for which I heartily congratulate Mr Norton.
Readers often wonder at how much of themselves the author has weaved into the story. As I read this story, I could almost hear his voice as the narrator, which for me enhanced the experience. The characters are well developed. I could easily visualise the main protagonist PJ Collins. I almost felt sorry for him and desperately wanted him to succeed. I was a little surprised at his romantic liaison with Brid and his effect on the Ross sisters. However, this added to the drama and gave a different dimension to the story. The sad story that emerged around the young Mrs Meany and the subsequent ending to her lifelong secret was very well crafted, as was the whole story.