Reading For Well-being.


While reading for pleasure may be seen as a pastime or hobby. Studies have shown that reading can provide benefits to our health and well- being.

The Philosophers of the past can help us think about our well-being in the twenty-first century.

The great philosophers such as Socrates, Epicurus and others, debated the claim that there isn’t a single best human life. In terms of a feeling of well-being, different people can find pleasure and fulfilment in many different ways.

For example, A life of pleasure can be good, as can one of knowledge and creativity.

Many of us can’t imagine a good life without love. Not just romantic love, but the love we feel for our parents, children, siblings and friends.

Most of us know the main sorts of things that can make us feel content and reinforce our belief that we can make a life worth living.

Amongst these are: happiness and pleasure, friendship and love, accomplishment, knowledge and virtue. Our own well-being is born out of one or all of these elements.

Pleasure for many people can be found in the written word. More specifically from reading either fictional or non-fictional works. There is a genre to suit everyone. A story to educate or to feed the imaginations of the individual mind.

I discovered the therapeutic benefits of reading and writing when I was around seven years of age. Writing in my lockable diary was like sharing my innermost emotions with a best friend. I guess that for me, it was a safe way to pour out my feelings. After all, it was a one-way process with no chance of recrimination, sarcasm or ridicule. To this day, I still keep a journal to document my life and the events that encompass my existence.