Time to declutter


Confession time my friends.

As the year draws to a close I find myself in a study that even when it is relatively tidy, looks as though it has been burgled. Over the past twelve months, I have accumulated many magazines and books, cuttings and bits of scrap paper. In addition to this pile of detritus, I seem to have collected hundreds of post-it notes.

Out of fear that any one of these notes may be important, they remain stuck together in a pile next to my laptop.

I try to declutter my desk and the drawers that are overflowing with envelopes, elastic bands, A4 paper and a variety of obscure stationary products. But alas I return them to the same location, this time in a neater pile.

Seriously it is time for me to get my office into some kind of order. The printer is somewhere beneath the clear plastic files and my laptop pressed snuggly against box files the contents of which I am uncertain of.

The truth is, that once I sit down at my untidy desk in my cluttered office; inspiration overcomes me and drives my imagination forwards, compelling me to once again tap on those intrepid keys.

Perhaps the rare chance of having a best seller will one day allow me the freedom to step away from the keyboard and declutter once and for all.

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