Poetry Festival 2018

It is with trepidation that I move into the world of poetry and yet it is a world full of like-minded people. Creative souls with artistic minds.

During the 2018 Poetry Festival, I met two very distinguished poets. Jo Bell a poet, tutor and begetter of poetry projects and Georgina Wilding, our very own young Nottingham Poet Laureate.

Along with a number of other eminent poets they have inspired me to develop my own poetry and to continue to strive for improvement.

Having read ‘How To Be A Poet’ written by Jo Bell  and  Jane Commane, I am energised into writing another collection of poetry.

The book contains a myriad of advice; ideas that help and guide but above all, encouragement to grant oneself permission to continue reading, writing and redrafting.

I am looking forward to attending many poetry events in and around the country during 2019.


Cibsky photography.      Katie Loveley, Jo Bell and Georgina Wilding.