Let’s celebrate the joy of storytelling.

National Story Telling Week begins January 25th until February 2nd.



Let’s celebrate the joy of story-telling, an art form that has existed long before recorded history; beginning with cave paintings.

The earliest form of storytelling discovered is from the Lascaux Caves in the Pyrenees Mountains, Southern France.


During my travels, I have been fortunate to visit many historical sites including Egypt where I was totally blown away when I saw the Hieroglyphic symbols engraved on the temples and the clay pottery. Ancient storytelling from 4000 BC.


Did you know that the earliest known record in the origin of oral storytelling also originated in Egypt? History tells us that the sons of Cheops entertained their father with stories communicating their life experiences.

Historically speaking, different cultures have communicated their stories in a variety of ways. For example, the wandering minstrels telling their tales through music and lyric. Stories are told with improvisation, theatrics and embellishment.

All varieties of storytelling impart information, messages and education. Myths, legends, fables and fairy tales have been part of the human social and cultural activity for generations.



The Power of storytelling I suspect will go from strength to strength. In our modern world with its digital explosion; the telling of stories through social media, film, television and the written word will wrap its arms around the world

So let’s celebrate National Story Telling Week and remember the origins of the gift passed down from our ancestors.