The latest buzzword that I have only just been made aware of is kindfulness. I’m a bit late to the game, having previously embraced mindfulness.

I also discovered that during early December 2018, Barnardo’s one of the many charities I support have developed a new fundraising initiative. Kindfulness week. How wonderful is that?

Intrigued I set about educating myself around this concept and discovered that a British Buddhist monk, Ajahn Brahm was named as the pioneer of the trend.

In a nutshell, it appears that while mindfulness encourages us to be gentle with ourselves, ‘Kindfulness’ is about directing our energy gained from mindfulness at others. Thereby being of mutual benefit. After reading this, the first thought that entered my mind, directed me back to my studies with the Open University while studying for a BSC in Biological Science. Rightly or wrongly, I thought about nature and symbiotic relationships.

Kindness needn’t cost anything but a second of your time. A smile to a stranger, a helping hand to someone in need and to be sensitive to, and concerned about the suffering of others.

The first step is to alter the way we speak to ourselves and others. Be kind to yourself and be less critical – think about what you would say to a friend or loved when they are having difficulties.

Create a more positive frame of mind and dare I say it? Love yourself, be kind to yourself and spread that feeling to others. Who knows it may be contagious?