Book Review



I am willing to put my hands up and admit that from time to time I check out my own books on the Amazon Book Store.

Having said that! It is purely for professional purposes you understand.

As is the case with Amazon searches, a number of books appear on the screen and from what I gather of the process the books with the most reviews or sales tend to pop up on the screen first. As is the case when I search for my debut novel ‘Alice’

‘Still, Alice’ written by Lisa Genova is always the first book to catch my eye. Recently while visiting my local library, I came across the said book and decided to review it using the Goodreads platform.

See below my Goodreads review.
I chose this amazing book from my local library where I am a member of The Book Club. The title of the book caught my attention due to my own debut novel having the title of ‘Alice.’ Both books about true to life events. One written by a neuroscientist and the other a nurse with a BSC in Biological Science.

‘Still Alice’ is a compelling account of the newly diagnosed world about the main character Alice Howland a cognitive psychology professor. Married with three children at the age of fifty she is diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s disease. The story follows her journey through a rapid downward spiral of disease progression.
Written in the first person Lisa Genova gives a well-written insight into the world of Alice. Having worked with dementia patients myself and conducted some of the cognitive tests, I was impressed by the way the author weaved these tests into the story without making it too medical.
Although heart-breaking, there are moments of humor within the story and realistic family dynamics.
I gave four stars because if I am honest. I was a little disappointed with the ending.
In terms of truthful fiction with accurate accounts of moving downwards through a spiraling health-related condition. ‘Alice’ written by myself and published by Austin Macauley publishers is still available to purchase from Amazon and other book retailers.
Alice by K.L Loveley