Renaissance – Florence

Recently while away on holiday, staying on the beautiful Island of Vir Croatia, I found myself in the unusual situation of having no book to read. My daughter was attempting to read this herself, but with two active children to care for and a number of projects on already, she kindly suggested that we share this masterpiece of work.

‘My story begins not with my birth but a murder; committed the year before I was born.’

Wow! what a brilliant hook. How could I not be intrigued?

Painting Mona Lisa was written by Jeanne Kalogridis published in 2006 by St Martin’s Press.

The story begins in the heart of Florence, April 1478 – The Renaissance Period. It is a tale of historical fiction and mystery.

The monk Savanarola was preaching of hell, fire, and brimstone against the Borgia pope with his evil decadence and lustful behavior. He preached that the rich citizens of Florence would suffer greatly if they did not repent.

The handsome Giuliano de Medica is brutally assassinated in the magnificent Duomo of Florence. This leads to the unfolding of events amongst which is the tale of turmoil for the family of Lisa Di Antonio Gherardini Giocondo. Known simply as Madonna Lisa. Her beauty is captured by the famous artist Leonardo from Divinci. However, there is more to his desire for the painting of Madonna.

This is a tale of love, passion and the worst kind of betrayal.