Authors work is never done.

    Authors work is never done.

Writing can be a solitary pastime, it is also a period of reflection. However, for myself, it is an opportunity to be creative, to give birth to fictionalized characters and create a world for them to live in.

Imagination is a wonderful gift, enabling freedom of thought. Did you know that the process of reality and imagination follows different paths?

Researchers have discovered that visual information from real events travels upwards towards the parietal lobe in the brain from the occipital lobe. It appears that the opposite is true for imagined images. These travel along synapses from the parietal lobe towards the occipital. Fascinating is it not?

Returning to the statement ‘An author’s work is never done.’ I refer to the promotion and marketing of a book once completed. In actual fact, the promotion often begins prior to the first books being printed. For example, the teaser statements on social platforms such as book cover reveal. The many social platforms for promoting books are brilliant in terms of reaching large amounts of would be readers. However, in our multi-media world, one needs to be seen and heard as well as read.

It is the public appearances no matter how small a gathering that genuinely connects the writer with the reader. With this in mind, I try to attend a variety of local events in order to promote my books.





Recently I attended ‘The Lowdham Book and Ephemera fair which was held at The Village Hall, Lowdham. Having met a number of other book enthusiasts it was brought to my attention that there is soon to be a Book Festival to be held there between June 2nd– 29th

The line-up looks incredible and includes many award-winning authors: Victoria Hislop, C J Tudor, Joanne Harris, and Miranda Seymour Karen Bailey.

Children’s author Michael Rosen will be chatting about his own remarkable story and local poets Jane Wyles and Fiona Theokritoff will be sharing their poetry.

Tickets for these events are available from The Bookcase, Lowdham. Notts. 0115 966 3219

Hope to see you there.