The Strawberry Thief

What an extraordinary month I am having!  It has to be said that June has been the creative focus of my literary year.  Well, so far anyway.

Having made such a bold statement, perhaps I should consider the fact that we are only half way into 2019.

I don’t know about anyone else, but for me personally, the year seems to be galloping on like a horse competing in the Grand National. Not that I am owning up to jumping over a number of hurdles you understand although if marketing and promoting my books can be considered a hurdle then perhaps I need further training.

Always willing to learn and take inspiration from others I have been embracing the local Book Festival at Lowdham.

From my previous blog, you will remember that I enjoyed an afternoon at Southwell Library with Victoria Hislop and Anne Zouroudi.

Friday, June 21st, I had the great pleasure and privilege of an evening with Joanne Harris as she promoted her new book. ‘The Strawberry Thief.’ This event was held at Lowdham Village Hall.

What a wonderful unpretentious author she is. Her honest and open replies during the Q & A  session was a credit to her. I came away from the event feeling much more confident and inspired.

I am returning to the village of Lowdham on Saturday 29th June where I will be promoting my contemporary works of fiction and my book of poetry.

The All Day Bookfair and Café are open from10 am – 5 pm.

The Bookfair is spread over the Village Hall; there will be a marquee and assorted gazebos featuring booksellers, publishers charities and displays of printing equipment.