I totally love the word. It conjures up many wonderful images in my mind. We read and hear so many amazing stories on a global scale about inspirational people who have achieved great things often against all odds.

Did you know the word inspiration meaning ‘to breathe into’ predates its literal meaning of ‘an unconscious burst of creativity in an artistic endeavour?

Take for example Stephen Hawking who even after being almost paralysed continued with his extraordinary work in the field of physics. He devoted his life to a single theory that describes our existence in the universe. I would guess that he inspired many people to have courage and conviction even when life may be unfavourable.

There are many examples of twenty-first-century women who have become icons of inspiration. Malala Yousafzai who at the age of 11, started writing blogs for BBC on the conditions of girl’s education in Pakistan, for which she constantly received life threats and was later shot by a Taliban gunman.

Being inspirational is also about leading by example and encouraging others to feel there is something worthwhile to do and to become.

This can be achieved by being true to yourself, to be enthusiastic and determined.

To never forget about caring for others and helping them to achieve their best.

Each time I begin to write a short story, novel or poem, I am seeking inspiration to bring the words alive, to add depth and meaning.

As I continue with this quest I try to keep in mind those people who have provided me with their life stories, their joy their struggles and their determination.