Memories are made of this.

Happy New year to my followers and welcome to all newcomers even if you happen to have come across my website by chance.

Here we are in a new decade. The past behind us and a whole lot of new memories to make in our future. Memories that you may not realise you are making.

As Winnie-the-Pooh said.’ You don’t know you are making memories, you just know you are having fun.’

Have you ever considered your most important childhood memories?  I guess that I am talking here of good childhood memories, as I don’t wish to take any of you back to a dark place. That is not my intention.

Allow me to give you my own examples: Family holidays, playing with friends, building dens and having picnics. Visual and other sensory memories such as new and familiar smells play an important role in memory.

How I loved school. It was 1958 when I attended primary school and yet I still remember those wonderful familiar smells. The polished desks, the smell of new textbooks, pencils and wax crayons.

A first glimpse of the sea as we drove to the coast for our annual one week holiday on the East coast of England. The smell of salt in the air, the sound of gulls and the absolute joy of seeing our caravan home. I clearly remember the smell of the gas lights inside the caravan and the cooking burners on the stove.

As I am writing this I can honestly tell you that another memory has popped into my conscience. The taste and smell of golden wonder crisps. It was such a treat to have a bag of crisps with my cheese spread sandwiches. I had a little plastic water bottle on a strap which I carried with pride. How times have changed. Now I would be carrying the plastic bottle with an element of shame, linked to the environmental issues.

In this new decade let us embrace the role of memory architect in the landscapes of our lives. Every year there are days that pass us by without leaving any long-lasting memories. Keeping a memory journal can help to address those ordinary days that pass without leaving any meaningful sensory information.

Conversely, there are some days that we will remember forever.