Elizabeth is missing.

After watching the TV Drama adapted by Andrea Gibb, I was compelled to read the book. Usually, for me, it is the opposite way around. Having watched the drama twice, one would think that I had no need to read this fantastic novel written so touchingly by Emma Healy. It is hard to believe this was her debut novel. I am in awe of her skills.
I felt that she truly got into the characters of both Maud the protagonist and her daughter Helen. In some ways, this novel covers a social problem, much like the ones I have written but in addition, the writer has cleverly created a suspense thriller as well.

When Maud’s best friend Elizabeth appears to be missing, it has a severe psychological effect on Maud, who is suffering from dementia. Her muddled memory overlaps the present supposed disappearance of her friend Elizabeth with the disappearance of her much-loved sister Sukey who vanished under mysterious circumstances shortly after world war two. Written in the first-person narrative the reader gets into the muddled mind of Maud and me for one, felt her frustration.


The TV drama was equally as brilliant, hence me watching it twice. Directed by Aisling Walsh and adapted by Andrea Gibb this TV production was a real eye opener.

Glenda Jackson was magnificent in the role of the protagonist Maud portraying the effects of worsening dementia with great skill.

The story of Elizabeth is missing will remain with me for a long time.