Shanghai Adventure

      Shanghai Adventure

No sooner were our Christmas decorations away, when my husband and I began packing for our Chinese adventure. Three days in Shanghai city and 2 full weeks with my daughter and family who live 2 hours’ drive away close to the city of Ningbo.

We took the opportunity in Shanghai to visit the famous Nanjing Road, where to my delight I came across a huge bookshop which stocked a variety of books, including many English titles.

Unable to resist, I entered the shop and introduced myself to the manager, leaving my business card in the process. Fingers crossed. Maybe one day my books may be on the shelves of this much-esteemed shop.

We enjoyed the amazing sights, visited lots of famous landmarks, including the Oriental Pearl Tower and the magnificent Shanghai tower.  Our hotel on the Bund riverside area overlooked the Huangpu River. At night this was lit up to display its true splendour.

Sadly our adventure was cut short due to the rising number of cases of corona-virus. No sooner had we arrived at my daughter’s apartment when a lockdown procedure was put in place. Wearing a mask, my daughter, met us at the taxi, gave us a mask each and whisked us off to be isolated in her apartment, until she had arranged return flights for us all the following day.

Thank goodness we pre-empted the drastically changing situation. There was talk of the roads to the airport being closed and flights cancelled. Flying out to Heathrow from Pudong airport we continued to wear our masks for a further twelve hours. Not an easy task for adults never mind a three-year-old and seven-year-old.

At the time of writing this article, we are in self-imposed quarantine for fourteen days. Today is our sixth day. Thankfully we are all well and looking forward to day fourteen when we can emerge from our confinement.