Our planet is sick.



Our planet is sick and the mighty force of nature is fighting back. This has become painfully apparent in recent months. However, we were warned by eminent experts that Climate change will bring about extreme weather events. Unfortunately, this is happening sooner than anticipated.

The problems the world is facing as a result of the climate crisis is escalating, resulting in the chronic disease of our planet. Pollution, wildlife extinction and global warming are but the tip of the iceberg that is melting.

Symptoms of this global disease are clear to see. The European heatwave that swept Europe in 2019, droughts and floods in Tasmania. Arctic wildfires and cyclones in Mozambique.

In 2019 wildfires burned 2.5 million acres of Alaska. In some places like Australia and California wildfires is a year-round risk.

On the opposite spectrum is flooding. Close to home here in the UK, we have experienced severe flooding causing untold loss and damage to property.

All of these environmental issues need urgent attention and the coming together of nations to prevent the continuing destruction of our world.

The sickness of our planet does not affect environmental health alone. Now we are faced with a huge Public Health issue. Coronavirus also known as COVID-19 is now an imminent threat to our civilisation. At the beginning of the outbreak when I was in China very little was known about the virus and despite the death rate increasing daily, it appears that very little progress has been made.


Apocalypse now.

Anguished eyes snake-like peer above the charcoal and fibre

Wild adrenaline races the roads of blood

Alerting every sense in her tense body.

Hot breath above the mask, droplets of liquid from over expanded lungs

Rise towards the optical glass.


Clenching two small hands she races to the gate.

Fear, jaws clenched beneath their pseudo party mask.

Two tiny hearts beat wildly, they see the flying bird.

Escape in reach, twelve hours away, brings sorrow and pain.


Friends and colleagues left behind to watch and wait

Microscopic organisms infiltrate and spread.

Shedding, spreading virus unpredictable wild and free.

Surreal, cinematic apocalypse now.

Nature will respond, the world will fight back