Warrior of Culloden

Have you ever been inspired to write a poem about a character in a drama who truly became so realistic to your emotions that you felt compelled to put it into words?

Well, this is exactly what I did having watched the whole series of Outlander written by Diana Gabaldon. And here it is today for your enjoyment. I do hope that  Diana Gabaldon @Writer_DG  and     #SamHeughan #GrahamMcTavish enjoy the tribute to their outstanding work.

Warrior of Culloden


Imaginary warrior of Culloden

Allow magic to resurrect the sinew and muscle

To the sound of pipes and the shifting hooves.

Come to me my clansman

Across bog and blood-soaked land.

 Flaming heat of my heart using alchemy

Through mist I command my love to warm you.


Stretching my mind through time

Bending metaphysical force, I call to you

The Jacobite spear will not suffice

The sword held by rebellious hand

Stand fast my vermillion haired warrior of Scotland

See the strength of my love

Feel the force of my spirit


I will rise above, around, and inside of you my love

Strength from within me I give to you

As I search the depths of time

Transport my spirit to your side

Blood and fractured bone I fear not

Pain is but a sign of life

Our love transcends time and place

My love, my warrior of Culloden.