Are you looking for an amusing read over the festive period?

Are you looking for an amusing read over the festive period? Then look no further. 

Having read Stephen Ainsley’s debut novel ‘Dennis Bisskit’ I was very much looking forward to his second novel, Dennis Bisskit and the Man from Paris with the Very Large Head.’

The amusing title, although long, gives insight into the amusing rhetoric within this book. The characters of Dennis and Stinky are so loveable; I was rooting for their success throughout the story. Without giving away any spoilers, I can say ‘The boys are back in Dudley.’

This hilarious story is a real page-turner, full of amusing incidents that made me chuckle until the very end.

I look forward to reading more tales of Dennis Bisskit in the future.

A Woman Unleashed.


 I am thrilled to announce my debute collection of poetry,

“Be seen, not heard,” is what Mother said. However, for me, my  Mother’s words fell on deaf ears. Chameleon Days is a collection of poetry about a woman unleashed and her words will be heard. Love, romance, pleasure, desire, loss, betrayal, anger, and pain.These  changing and sometimes camouflaged emotions within this debut poetry collection reflect the feelings of many women.

Written by K.L.Loveley Author and Poet and beautifully illustrated by Nottinghamshire artist, Elvina Dulac.

Elvina is a mixed-media artist and photographer who takes her inspiration from the natural world. She is passionate about literature, theatre and art.

Published by the Globeflower Agency. 


Time to declutter


Confession time my friends.

As the year draws to a close I find myself in a study that even when it is relatively tidy, looks as though it has been burgled. Over the past twelve months, I have accumulated many magazines and books, cuttings and bits of scrap paper. In addition to this pile of detritus, I seem to have collected hundreds of post-it notes.

Out of fear that any one of these notes may be important, they remain stuck together in a pile next to my laptop.

I try to declutter my desk and the drawers that are overflowing with envelopes, elastic bands, A4 paper and a variety of obscure stationary products. But alas I return them to the same location, this time in a neater pile.

Seriously it is time for me to get my office into some kind of order. The printer is somewhere beneath the clear plastic files and my laptop pressed snuggly against box files the contents of which I am uncertain of.

The truth is, that once I sit down at my untidy desk in my cluttered office; inspiration overcomes me and drives my imagination forwards, compelling me to once again tap on those intrepid keys.

Perhaps the rare chance of having a best seller will one day allow me the freedom to step away from the keyboard and declutter once and for all.

Cibsky photography

The Power of Poetry

The Power of poetry.


Lemn Sissay MBE. http://


This morning I was blown away by the interview of Lemn Sissay on BBC 1 Breakfast talk show.

Lemn Sissay MBE Poet, Performer and Broadcaster gave a powerful interview that made me sit up and take note.

I don’t mind admitting to each and every one of you that I had never heard of this remarkable man until quite by chance while enjoying my morning tea when he was interviewed by Naga Munchetty and Dan Walker.

The way that he spoke about his life journey and the need he felt to express himself through poetry was powerful and inspiring.

I have known from the age of seven that the written word can have a healing effect on the mind, both conscious and subconscious. I have used this power of healing myself through the writing of my own poetry and fiction.

Poetry attempts to tell the truth, to express our feelings using incredible imagery. It comes from the back of our minds, pushing forwards towards the light.

As I listened to him talking about the work he does, raising awareness of the benefits of the spoken word and poetry to vulnerable children and young adults in the care system; I felt humbled.

Even more so when the following statistics were announced about our broken care system:

Out of a group of seven children they were placed into forty different care situations and had an unbelievable seventy different Social Workers.

How can this be? I ask myself.



Chameleon Days



Chameleons are a distinctive and highly specialised species of lizard.


Chameleon days is a specialized collection of poems written by K. L. Loveley and illustrated by Elvina Dulac.

Watch this space for the announcement of the publication of this collection which describes the changing emotions of a woman unleashed.

Soon to be published by The Globeflower Agency.



‘It’s okay to not be okay’



Reading through my local newspaper this week, I came across a very interesting and topical subject.

The headline read. ‘It’s okay to not be okay’ says trucker.’

Michael Klimek, who after trying to desperately seek help for his own anxiety, depression and panic disorder, set up a Facebook support group for men suffering from mental health problems. Michael now runs the private Facebook group ‘The Stable Man’ with the help of other men including his brother –in- law Keelan Genders.

I say well done Mr Klimek and to everyone who is helping to support both men and women with this rapidly growing problem.

It takes a lot of courage to open up about personal issues such as mental health. Too often, men have the perception that they must not be seen as weak and therefore suffer in silence. Some for many years.

Who doesn’t remember how moving it was, when Prince Harry bravely spoke out about his own emotional shutdown, following the death of his mother? Since then, many more public figures and celebrities have opened up about their own experience with mental health issues.

We still have a very long way to go in terms of bridging the difference between the public perceptions of physical and mental illness, when clearly from a holistic perspective they go hand in hand.

It is good to hear that the government are now addressing the issues around how employers should address depression and mental health issues with the same compassion as they would with physical illness.

Having worked for the NHS for over forty years, during which time I was involved with mental health problems alongside physical health issues, it is good to know that at long last mental health is moving away from being the Cinderella service.

In my own small way, by writing books such as Alice and Love, Secrets, And Absolution I hope to help raise awareness of the struggles that some people and their families have to cope with on a daily basis.

Both of these books are fictional stories about gritty, true to life situations against the background of mental health issues.

Both still available from Amazon and other outlets.

 Alice by K.L LoveleyLove, Secrets, and Absolution by K.L Loveley

Thank you to all book reviewers.

Reading For Well-being.


While reading for pleasure may be seen as a pastime or hobby. Studies have shown that reading can provide benefits to our health and well- being.

The Philosophers of the past can help us think about our well-being in the twenty-first century.

The great philosophers such as Socrates, Epicurus and others, debated the claim that there isn’t a single best human life. In terms of a feeling of well-being, different people can find pleasure and fulfilment in many different ways.

For example, A life of pleasure can be good, as can one of knowledge and creativity.

Many of us can’t imagine a good life without love. Not just romantic love, but the love we feel for our parents, children, siblings and friends.

Most of us know the main sorts of things that can make us feel content and reinforce our belief that we can make a life worth living.

Amongst these are: happiness and pleasure, friendship and love, accomplishment, knowledge and virtue. Our own well-being is born out of one or all of these elements.

Pleasure for many people can be found in the written word. More specifically from reading either fictional or non-fictional works. There is a genre to suit everyone. A story to educate or to feed the imaginations of the individual mind.

I discovered the therapeutic benefits of reading and writing when I was around seven years of age. Writing in my lockable diary was like sharing my innermost emotions with a best friend. I guess that for me, it was a safe way to pour out my feelings. After all, it was a one-way process with no chance of recrimination, sarcasm or ridicule. To this day, I still keep a journal to document my life and the events that encompass my existence.

Congratulations Mr Norton.


Holding. Written by Graham Norton. Published by Hodder Books.



I am a huge fan of Graham Norton both on the television and the radio. Now I am also a fan of his new role as an author.
Holding is a wonderful debut novel for which I heartily congratulate Mr Norton.
Readers often wonder at how much of themselves the author has weaved into the story. As I read this story, I could almost hear his voice as the narrator, which for me enhanced the experience. The characters are well developed. I could easily visualise the main protagonist PJ Collins. I almost felt sorry for him and desperately wanted him to succeed. I was a little surprised at his romantic liaison with Brid and his effect on the Ross sisters. However, this added to the drama and gave a different dimension to the story. The sad story that emerged around the young Mrs Meany and the subsequent ending to her lifelong secret was very well crafted, as was the whole story.



Mercia Marina Bookclub.



Many thanks to Nancy and all of the members of The Mercia Marina Bookclub for inviting me to talk about my journey from writer to Published Author, which took place at the Willow Tree Tea Rooms located on the Marina last night.

I found the event relaxed and informative. I particularly enjoyed listening to the views you expressed in relation to the books that were reviewed.

Apologies to anyone who I didn’t quite manage to get in the camera shot.