The Tea Planter’s Wife by Dinah Jefferies: Book review

I loved the setting of this story, Dinah Jefferies brings to life, the sights and sounds of Ceylon in the 1920’s. Her rich descriptions transported me to this beautiful country. The characters are very much of their time and place. The story gradually unfolds to reveal an interesting twist which kept me guessing until the author in a timely manner revealed the family history. I look forward to reading further novels by Dinah Jefferies.

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Reading ‘Summer Secrets’ by Jane Green for some rest and recuperation

As my journey towards the publication of my debut novel ‘Alice’ gathers speed, I decided to slow down my pace a little by retreating to our place of sanctuary, so on Saturday morning my husband and I made our way to our cottage on the water.

Of course, being mid-January, the boat was not very warm and welcoming. I immediately set the fire in the wood burning stove and within minutes the boat was filled with a warm cosy glow.

Time to put my feetK.L Loveley on her narrowboat up you ask?  Those who know me well, will not be surprised to hear that after less than an hour I was as ambitious as ever to put in place further marketing ideas to enhance the interest in my debut novel.

While my husband busied himself with a little boat maintenance, I drafted a letter to the editor of our Marina newsletter, outlining the details of Alice and how it may be of interest to the many fellow boaters on our Marina, especially as the story has a thread running through it related to the British waterways.

Happy with myself that I had been a little proactive towards my journey of writer to published author, I curled up on a comfy chair beside the fire and began reading ‘Summer Secrets’ written by bestselling Jane Green.  That’s me sorted for a few hours, for once I start reading a good book, I can get totally lost in the world of the story. Although I might have to stop reading occasionally to put a log on the fire.

Have you read ‘Summer Secrets’ by Jane Green, what do you think about it?


John le Carré – A Delicate Truth : Quick Book review

John le Carré ‘s ‘A Delicate Truth’ intrigued and transported me into the world of counter terrorism and all that it entails. The plot constantly kept me guessing about a potential conspiracy and what the outcome might be for the British Foreign Office.  A Delicate truth wet my appetite to read further books written by John le Carre.

On GoodReads I rated ‘A Delicate Truth’ 4 stars.

John le Carré A Delicate Truth - book review by K.L Loveley




Have you read the book, what do you think about it?

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Snow glistening in the weak morning sunlight

Gently pulling the bedroom blind up this morning I anticipated a view that corresponded to my inner child. Thick, deep snow, glistening in the weak morning sunlight, enticing me to pull on my thick Aran sweater, woollen tights and old Levi jeans. I am such a dreamer at times, carried away by my imagination, which instead of waning as I approach a new decade, (not letting on, which one) is more active than ever.

Despite the double glazed windows I could still hear the gentle roar of the wind, which held a promise of the lull before the storm. However, much to my disappointment and contrary to my expectations, the sleety snow was disappearing into the ground, leaving just a scattering of residue between the blades of grass on my lawn.

Oh well, maybe later I can walk through the snow, as according to the lovely and lively Des Coleman who reads the weather forecast with such joy in his voice , there is likely more to come.

For now, I will settle for a nice mug of tea, sat beside my cosy fire and once more remember my happy childhood, when I played in the snow with my siblings.

54094138 - woman resting with cup of hot drink and book near fireplace copyright Alexander Raths

Publishing my first novel – my journey from writer to author

Publishing my first novel has been a very interesting journey. It began in August 2015, starting with the words, “Your manuscript was brought to our attention at the latest board meeting when we discussed its potential and the possibility of it being published. Having read all of the reports, I can confidently state that your work was found to be an interesting and enjoyable read.”

The day the letter arrived with the publishers name on the front of the envelope, my husband met me at the front door waving the letter in his hand as I made my way from the car, having just worked a full day shift at the GP Practice where I work as a nurse. I don’t know who was the most excited as he stood by and watched me read the letter.

Publishing my first novel - signing the contract - extreme macro close up of female hand signing a contract - copyright Karel Joseph Noppe BrooksBy early November I had signed the contract thereby entering into the unknown world to me of publishing. Fortunately, my son was familiar with business and commerce, having his own company, therefore he guided me in all matters related to this side of publishing.

For me personally, writing the book was the easy and most enjoyable part of the journey. The real work began with the proof reading, in all I proof read three copies of Alice! Fortunately, the publishing company have been very helpful and provided great support. Whilst writing my debut novel Alice, and through the production stage, my family have been very supportive and thus I have acknowledged and dedicated the book to them.

I guess for me, the most exciting part of this journey was when I saw the book cover featuring my author name. It was designed by Anna-Lisa of Globeflower Holistic Marketing and she designed it to reflect the nature of the story.

I have now been given the publication date of Alice which is to be at the end of this month (January 2017) and I eagerly await the arrival of my own hard back copies of the book. Publishing my first novel is very exciting,  especially as I have spent years reading the latest novels by bestselling authors such as Marian Keyes, Jojo Moyes and Phillipa Gregory.  I am enjoying my journey and will keep you all informed of how its progresses.